I am a mother, synaesthete, sound artist, budding filmmaker, and anthropologist. Working under my own name or Yoneda Lemma (since 2013), I try to attune towards the poetics and erotics of listening and abstraction. I create raw phantasmagoric, kaleidoscopic, and cosmological impressions drawn from the details, cadences, and noise of everyday life, emphasizing the intimate, emotional, conceptual, and somatic elements of ritual and reciprocity in domestic labour. My main mediums are audiovisual field recordings, found or archived footage, and improvised instrumentals with synthetic beats. Currently I am preparing research for a collaborative documentary film and extended reality (XR) music compositions.  

I want to tell stories that have an impact. In 2021 I began a PhD at McGill University in sensory ethnographic research that centers love at its core. I am passionate about the protection and the thriving of ecological biodiversity and the rights and rhythms of all spirit-kin. I aim to engage my artistic practice in collaborative research that explores the ephemeral and charged tensions that activate life between timing and place, in plant medicinal and food sovereignty practices and in particular, how these practices intersect with the intricacies of motherhood, listening, dreaming, and the spiritual politics of self-determination movements in settler-colonial systems of oppression. As a white settler living on stolen land, I am taking more time to be self-reflective and vulnerable in my practice and life, with the desire to realize abolitionary work and to dismantle mentalities that normalize the violence of capitalist infrastructure.

If interested in collaboration, please contact me at ktrn.jburch@gmail.com.

Previously I presented works at new forms festival (vancouver); muzeum sztuki (łódz); tate britain, café oto and the ica (london); at the hkw and maerzmusik (berlin); bienal sesc de dança 2017 (saõ paulo) (among other locations).

c v

      S O U N D  W O R L D S    

                L I F T I N G - L I F T I N G  W A T E R

                Y O N E D A  L E M M A

                A R - K   

                R à d i o  W e b  M A C B A   

                C a l m  C a n  O n l y 
                M a k e  I t  F a l s e   

                w| F L E S H I O N   

                w| D - N - E   
                w| L a b o r i a  C u b o n i k s 

                B u t ō  &  T h e a t e r 

                E t h n o g r a p h i c

   E X P E R I M E N T A L  W R I T I N G
                A Q U A  M E R C U R I A L I S

                A N T I - W O R L D S   

                X E N O L I S T E N I N G

                W E B  E X P E R I M E N T S

                P A L I N A C O U S I S :
                R E M (A) I N D E R S    

                E R O T I C  G E S T U R E S 
                O F  A B S T R A C T I O N

                                 H E L I C A L  A B S T R A C T I O N S

  A B O U T

                P r a c t i c e

                B i o g r a p h y