K A T R I N A  B U R C H  (Canada, 1987) is a visual artist, pianist, producer, and electroacoustic composer. The moniker yoneda lemma (since 2013) is inspired by the erotics of abstractions. Weaving between reciprocities of life and poetry, its forms are often kaleidoscopic and personal, containing discrete elements and life histories that repeat into phantasmagoric impressions. Multivariate sources are culled from field recordings, composed instrumentals, and synthetic and/or algorithmic improvisations. Her works have been shared widely, such as at the new forms festival (vancouver); muzeum sztuki (łódz); tate britain, café oto and the ica (london); at the hkw (berlin); bienal sesc de dança 2017 (saõ paulo) (among other locations). Katrina’s artistic work is often led by her earlier experiences as an archaeologist excavating along the peruvian north coast desert. Her educational background includes a bachelor in buddhist studies and Indigenous studies, and master’s degrees in anthropology and archaeological science. In philosophical spirit, katrina aspires to bridge these worlds through sensorial ethnographies of cosmic diplomacy, with an emphasis on the sonic, political frequencies, and anthropologies of care. Katrina is a member of the xenofeminist international collective, laboria cuboniks. In 2015, laboria cuboniks collectively published the manifesto xenofeminism: a politics for alienation.

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      Y O N E D A  L E M M A   

                A R - K   

                R A D I O  W E B  M A C B A   

                C a l m  C a n  O n l y 
                M a k e  I t  F a l s e   

                w| F L E S H I O N   

                w| D - N - E   
                w| L a b o r i a  C u b o n i k s 

                w| A n n a  M i k k o l a    

                B u t o h  &  T h e a t r e

    W R I T I N G      
                A Q U A  M E R C U R I A L I S

                A N T I - W O R L D S   

                X E N O L I S T E N I N G

                W E B

             C o l l a b o r a t i o n s :

                E R O T I C  G E S T U R E S 
                O F  A B S T R A C T I O N

                X E N O F E M I N I S T 
                M A N I F E S T O 

                P A L I N A C O U S I S :
                R E M (A) I N D E R S    

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