T H E  H A I R Y  G O D D E S S  M I S S T O R Y
by Theo Ilichenko (2018)

w| a collection of sci-fi songs, entitled Exœrth Skeleton

S I L L A G E  E T  T E X T E
  butō, w| Brigitta HorváthSandolore Sykes (2017)

Y A M A N T A K A’ S  D A R T 
/ U N D E R  T H E  P I A N O
 butō, w| Brigitta Horváth (2015 & 2016)

Sound for cosmonauts: composed in memory of Tina Joosten (1952-2014); for thinking time/evolution folding back onto itself. Yamantaka is the destroyer of death in Tibetan Tantrism, whose dart or lightning bolt of Enlightenment (a social-enhancement technology supporting states of onto-epistemic suspension) cuts across the scales of temporality. Yamantaka's dart cuts through all levels of abstraction, with an evolving form and a voice universalized. This gesture is at once akin to the subtleties of the Yoneda Lemma mathematical theorem, as that which makes connections between a universal world of conceptual functors and a universal world of continuous morphisms.

This piece for butō explores the protoplasmic emptiness of living time in “glitch” like expositions – from the simultaneity of living and dying comes the rupture of Yamantaka's dart. In butō, this space appears to extend reality, as that which is already open and submerged.

S O U N D 

                L I F T I N G - L I F T I N G  W A T E R

                Y O N E D A  L E M M A  S e l e c t e d  W o r k s

                A R - K  S e l e c t e d  W o r k s  

                w| R à d i o  W e b  M A C B A   

                C a l m  C a n  O n l y 
                M a k e  I t  F a l s e   


                w| F L E S H I O N   

                w| D - N - E   
                w| L a b o r i a  C u b o n i k s 

                B u t o h  &  T h e a t r e 

                F i e l d  R e c o r d i n g
 A B O U T

                P r a c t i c e

                B i o