A N T I - W O R L D S

TECHNOSPHERE MAGAZINE (HKW, Berlin) #15 Issue, December 2018:  A hypothetical sound piece.

    Hypothetical sound pieces are essays with a sonic emphasis and an aural peculiarity, self-contained like a hidden score. The essay was inspired by the sonic fiction format (sensu Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun (1998)) where described sounds are felt and the aurality of fiction gains traction through vibes and prose – conduits for sonic thought.

    Each section of the essay eludes to three different musical pieces that are in conversation together as each represents a differing philosophical genealogy, containing unlike viewpoints and positions – three different worlds of thought, so-to-speak. The piece hints at the roles both philosophy and music play on abstractions. Abstract tendencies underline each section/piece in the way that sound compositions might whisk-up concepts for the listener, whether through geometrical dynamics and structures, or through explicit and or implicit content. The original music project (as a trilogy) was forgotten so to be remembered as a hypothesis. Perhaps with a little imagination something sonorous can survive.  

r e a d  t h e  f u l l  t e x t  > H e a r

∆ ∆ ∆

Section I:    Logic of the Wild: Enclosure of the body is the enclosure of the future.

Section II:    Logic of the Double Negation: The victory of materialism over self-determination.

Section III:    Logic of Cosmic Pessimism: Vocal transgressions of post-enlightened beings.

∆ ∆ ∆

Thanks to Nicholas Houde, Stefan Maier, Johanna Schindler.


S O U N D 

                L I F T I N G - L I F T I N G  W A T E R

                Y O N E D A  L E M M A  S e l e c t e d  W o r k s

                A R - K  S e l e c t e d  W o r k s  

                w| R à d i o  W e b  M A C B A   

                C a l m  C a n  O n l y 
                M a k e  I t  F a l s e   


                w| F L E S H I O N   

                w| D - N - E   
                w| L a b o r i a  C u b o n i k s 

                B u t o h  &  T h e a t r e 

                F i e l d  R e c o r d i n g
 A B O U T

                P r a c t i c e

                B i o